Things to Consider :

Each location and business situation is unique, we invite you to call and discuss your individual business situation with us on a confidential basis. Our experience and flexibility in acquisitions and partnerships is one of the ways we look to do the right thing, creating a win-win situation for the families you serve, your employee family and NorthStar Memorial Group.

  • Is your business large enough for NorthStar to be interested?
  • What should you expect from the process?
  • Do you need an advisor?
  • How long does a transaction take (from start to finish)?
  • How much of your time is required during the various stages of the process?
  • What happens to family members that are employed in the business?
  • Do you have to tell your employees that you are talking to NorthStar?
  • What happens to you and/or family who live in the funeral home?